Food Allergens: Issues and Solutions for the Food Product Manufacturer

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To address these issues, FARRP presents the Food Allergens: Issues and Solutions for the Food Product Manufacturer workshop. (Dates to be announced.)

This two day course examines everything from the scientific basis of food allergies to the allergen issues facing the food industry today - as well as the recommended solutions or "best practices" for dealing with this important issue.

Course Highlights

  • Scientific aspects of food allergies
  • Food allergies from the consumer's perspective
  • Allergen recalls and labeling laws
  • Industry issues and solutions
  • Strategies for allergen control

Who Should Attend?

  • Personnel in production, manufacturing, engineering and product development
  • Marketing professionals
  • Public relations and crisis management teams
  • Dietitians
  • Legal personnel
  • Ingredient suppliers
  • Consumer complaint respondents
  • QA/QC professionals
  • Sanitarians
  • Plant Managers

For Additional Information Contact:

Pat Gergen, FARRP
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Phone: 402-472-5302
Fax: 402-472-5307