FARRP-Sponsored Workshop Series

Upcoming Workshops

May 5 - 8, 2014:
8th Workshop on Food Allergens Methodologies 

Sheraton Wall Centre
Vancouver, BC Canada

Registration now open.

Methodologies Workshop Tentative Program

    • Course Highlights:
      • Scientific aspects of food allergies
      • Food allergies from the consumer's perspective
      • Allergen recalls and labeling laws
      • Industry issues and solutions
      • Strategies for allergen control
  • Food Allergen Sanitation
    • One-day Workshop
    • Provides detailed information on setting up and operating an Allergen Control Program
    • Course Highlights
      • Scientific Aspects of Food Allergies
      • Food Industry Challenges
      • HACCP and SSOPs in Allergen Control
      • Industry Case Studies and Solutions

Training Video

Although in-person training is ideal, FARRP also has developed a video training package through a partnership with Silliker, Inc.:

On Site Consultation and Training

FARRP is known for its leadership in allergen awareness, testing and prevention. Let the FARRP experts help your company minimize the risk of allergen cross-contact in your production facility.

FARRP staff will provide in-plant troubleshooting to help assess and address clean-up issues and recall problems. Contact FARRP today to discuss consulting services and fees.

FARRP experts are available for many training opportunities. These include on-site training at manufacturer location by FARRP experts on a consulting fee basis. Subjects covered include: food allergens, allergen sanitation issues, allergen control strategies, safety of genetically-modified foods, and more.

For additional information contact:

Pat Gergen, FARRP
University of Nebraska
Phone: 402-472-5302
Fax: 402-472-5307
E-mail: pgergen2@unl.edu