Confidential Analysis

The analytical laboratory at the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP) has established a reputation for accuracy, reliability, leadership and confidentiality.  Food companies worldwide rely on the FARRP analytical testing laboratory to validate cleaning protocols, ensure consumer safety and comply with regulations.

Testing services are customized to your specific requirements, so you learn exactly what you need to know. When you work with the FARRP analytical testing laboratory, you receive these important benefits:

  • Interpretation, not just results Interpreting extremes is relatively simple.  But what about times when the analysis provides less obvious results? FARRP offers allergy expertise and interpretation through our research faculty that other laboratories often cannot provide-and that can be critical in planning appropriate follow-up actions.
  • Proprietary assays FARRP develops assays in addition to using existing commercial assays. Thus, FARRP has assays that are exclusive, providing you the opportunity to test for unique allergens and gain greater confidence in your company's protocols and products.
  • Confidentiality Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times in all interaction, correspondence and laboratory procedures.
  • Quick turnaround With advance notice, results can be available in three to five business days. Rush processing can be provided by the close of the following business day at an additional charge.

The FARRP laboratory is continuously developing new testing methods for an increasing range of allergenic foods. The FARRP laboratory also conducts clinical research of allergenic food thresholds and basic academic research into allergenic food proteins and peptides.

FARRP also has an in-depth understanding of the allergen assays that are available commercially. FARRP is continually evaluating these existing assays so that you can be sure your samples are evaluated by the most appropriate and accurate method.

Contact the FARRP laboratory with your next food allergen testing procedure and discover for yourself why food companies around the world count on FARRP for accurate testing and interpretation.