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FARRP Workshops

FARRP Food Proteomics Workshop

June 24-27, 2024
Food Innovation Center
Registration Closed

The goal of this workshop is to provide a holistic view of food proteomics principles, workflows, and data analysis. This 4-day workshop will include hands-on experience with lab procedures, equipment, and data analysis methods. Attending this workshop will be valuable for those with scientific, research, or laboratory roles in the food/ingredient manufacturing and laboratory service sectors.

November 19-20, 2024
Big 10 Conference Center - 5440 Park Place, Rosemont, IL 60018
Registration opening this Summer

For many food processors, food allergens remain among the most challenging food safety concerns to manage, and undeclared food allergens are the most common cause of FDA food recalls. With the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), it is more critical than ever to have well-documented, effective allergen management programs. If you have any questions please contact Pat Gergen at farrp@unl.edu

Food Allergen Fundamentals - Online Course

Food allergens remain a critical food safety concern for manufacturers throughout the food industry. Developing and implementing effective allergen control plans requires a robust understanding of foundational food allergen concepts. The new FARRP Food Allergen Fundamentals online course is designed both for industry professionals new to a role with food allergen management responsibilities and for those wanting a refresher on core food allergen concepts.

11th Food Allergens Methodologies Workshop
Re-scheduling to be determined

The Bureau of Chemical Safety in Health Canada's Food Directorate and the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP) are planning the Eleventh Food Allergens Methodologies Workshop.

As a follow-up to the 2018 workshop organized by Health Canada and FARRP, the Eleventh Food Allergens Methodologies Workshop aims at increasing consultation, information exchange, and harmonization in the area of food allergens and analytical methods for food allergens.

The Eleventh Food Allergens Methodologies Workshop aims at gathering scientists, chemists, analysts and other representatives from government agencies, university, industry and consumer associations, to discuss issues related to detection, identification, characterization, and control of allergen residues in foods.

Various topics to be discussed:

  • Consumer Impacts of Food Allergies
  • Novel Foods and Allergenicity
  • Updates on Mass Spectrometry & ELISA Approaches for Allergen Analysis
  • Food Allergen Risk Assessment & Risk Management
  • Food Allergies - Codex, Sanitation, Labeling and Consumer Response
If you have any questions please contact Pat Gergen at farrp@unl.edu

Tree Nut Webinar

The "Allergen Control and Safe Nut Processing Practices" is a free webinar that provides an introduction to allergen control tools that can assure prevention of cross-contact of tree nut allergens, practical information about food allergies and how to safely produce non-nut containing foods as well as nut-containing foods. We would like to acknowledge the International Tree Nut Council Nutrition Research and Education Foundation for underwriting this webinar.

Components of an Effective Allergen Control Plan

An Allergen Control Plan is about protecting the health and confidence of consumers. But it is also about protecting the financial health and reputation of your company. We hope this document is valuable to you and your team as you create the Allergen Control Plan for your company.

For more information on FARRP’s Allergen Control Plan please see this page: Components of an Effective Allergen Control Plan

On Site Consultation and Training

FARRP is known for its leadership in allergen awareness, testing and prevention. Let the FARRP experts help your company minimize the risk of allergen cross-contact in your production facility.

FARRP staff will provide in-plant troubleshooting to help assess and address clean-up issues and recall problems. Contact FARRP today to discuss consulting services and fees.

FARRP experts are available for many training opportunities. These include on-site training at manufacturer location by FARRP experts on a consulting fee basis. Subjects covered include: food allergens, allergen sanitation issues, allergen control strategies, safety of genetically modified foods, and more.

For additional information contact:

Pat Gergen, FARRP
University of Nebraska
Phone: 402-472-5302
E-mail: pgergen2@unl.edu

Updated 14 June, 2024