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Important Information on
Analytical Testing Turnaround Times

Over the past several weeks, delivery times of packages from the carriers have varied widely. In the past, our deliveries have typically arrived by 10:30 AM central time; however, deliveries now vary from 10:30 to as late as the close of our business day. The time of delivery will have an impact on our ability to meet turnaround times.

If samples are received by 10:30 AM, our normal processing/analysis time of three to five working days (Monday-Friday) depending on FARRP membership and testing method(s) selected will be honored. Rush processing/analysis (twice the normal cost) in which the report is issued by the end following business day will be honored if received by 10:30 AM central time. Please contact the FARRP Analytical Lab for further information.

FARRP Confidential Analytical Testing Laboratory
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Turnaround times (including rush) apply to samples scheduled for testing in advance. Turnaround times can only be met with advance notice by phone, fax or e-mail (, AND

Unexpected high sample loads are occasionally encountered. The laboratory makes every effort to meet turnaround times for testing that has been scheduled in advance but can not be guaranteed.

Always call (402-472-4484) or FAX (402-472-4474) the FARRP laboratory staff before sending samples. Tell them how many you are sending and for which allergen they need to be tested.

  • Please send at least 100g of each sample to be run. If you have less than 100g, please call the FARRP lab to discuss.
  • Package well; leakage can contaminate other samples and yield unsuitable results.
  • Preferred shipping via overnight courier (FedEx, UPS, or DHL).
  • If shipping by U.S. Postal Services samples will go to a central mail distribution center within the university and could delay receipt of your samples up to a week.
Sample Analysis Request Form

Be sure to use the most current
Sample Request Form (Ver 8 - 05/25/23)
FARRP Lab Client Survey

Please include a completed Sample Request Form with
your shipment. This assures we have all needed
information for handling your samples.

NOTE: Test samples are held for 14 days.
Documentation is retained for 2 years.

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